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Our Teachers Need You!

Help CM increase teacher salaries - SIGN THE PETITION NOW!!

Indiana legislators will be reviewing more equitable funding for charter schools in this upcoming session. Here is why you should sign this petition:

HUGE FUNDING GAP - CM currently receives about $11,500 LESS PER LEARNER (equating to almost $6M a year) than our neighboring school district.

  • Community Montessori (CM) became a public charter school so that any family could attend without paying tuition, but we didn’t expect the funding gap to continue to increase and make our teacher pay gap so wide.

  • For Indiana State tuition support - New Albany Floyd County (NAFC) receives about $4000 or more in funding per learner than CM. This also includes funding mechanisms like Capital Project Funds, Transportation Funds, and Debt Service Funds .

  • In 2016, NAFC Schools secured an $87M referendum which equates to about $7500 more per learner than CM.

  • State and Federal funding follows any child/teen who attends a public school, but charter schools are not given a share of local property tax (which we all pay).


  • Co-teaching model that puts 2 teachers in each class allowing a more collaborative learning experience.

  • Although our teachers make 30%-50% less than NAFC, 55% of our teaching staff have been employed at CM for 8 years or longer and we have nearly 90% retention each year!

  • Every studio has at least one Montessori Certified (or in progress) teacher and the school is able to pay for the tuition for these certification programs!

  • Without any consistent facility funding, we have created an incredible campus with about $25,000 worth of materials in each studio.

  • We employ 15 additional support staff that work directly supporting teachers and learners daily throughout the building.

About Indiana Student Funding Alliance (ISFA): The ISFA is an organization created for the purpose of pursuing this important funding. Community Montessori is a member of the Indiana Charter School Network (ICSN) and the ICSN is a member of ISFA.


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