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2023 Winter Creativity Showcase!

The Winter Creativity Showcase is a new tradition - this is the first year! The Woods level and Creativity Inc were all very excited to share this showcase with the Internship Poster session, which is meant to help teens who are about to begin internships get some exposure to the possibilities, as well as allow families to learn more about what happens in this program.

Creativity Inc began in the 2019-2020 school year and has been on quite the journey since then! It consists of three branches of creativity that meet each Wednesday afternoon. Woods Teens are able to participate in Maker’s Space, Performing Arts, or Music Recording.

Internships begin at CM after the age of 16, when teens are in their Junior and Senior years. The goal is to help our teens explore potential career paths and goals. Our alumni often report back that these experiences were some of the most memorable, important, and helpful of their high school career! These internships culminate in the Internship Poster Session.

All in all, this showcase was a great success with a terrific turnout!

You can view the slideshow to see some of the works completed by CM teens!

And, while you're here, grab some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy the full Creativity Inc Showcase!

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