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The relationship with the child is our curriculum.

Children develop great trust in their caregivers through personalized and intimate caregiving activities.  As caregivers, we believe that everything we do--how we hold a baby, pick up a child, respond to their cries, talk to a child and others around them--helps the child create an understanding of their value as a person, their place in the world, and how they can engage with the world around them.

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Our Educarers

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Sarah Beth Gaudet

Lead Educarer

Hello! My name is Sarah Beth, I graduated from Community Montessori in 2011, attended college, then got a Foundations Certificate through the RIE Institute before returning here to work in 2015! Since then I have gotten married and had 3 children who all attended The Community Nurtury. I have always loved working with children and truly believe that the world is brightest through their eyes!

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Taytum Watson

I am a CM graduate. I started my job at the Community Nurtury in the fall of 2022. During my time here, I’ve learned a lot - not only from the staff but from the learners as well. I love being outside and sharing my passion of being in nature with the children!

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Sarah Jiles

I have been in the education field since 2010. I have my Associates degrees in Early Childhood Education and Liberal Arts. I am fluent in American Sign Language and have worked as a neurodevelopment therapy specialist for children with Autism. I joined CM in 2023 and have two learners currently attending. When I am not in a studio, you can find me sewing clothing, camping with my two giant dogs or tending all my houseplants.

Courtney Blanton

I am a devoted stay-at-home mother with a background in RIE principles & 2 daughters who thrive at CM. My journey, influenced by the teachings of Janet Lansbury on gentle discipline and child-led learning, aligns with CM's commitment to fostering a respectful, supportive, & compassionate environment. I am thrilled to contribute to a community that values the voices & emotions of our children as much as I. I look forward to learning from and with our CM family.

"It is such a gift to not only know that my two babies' basic needs are being met, but that their emotional, social, and intellectual selves are being nurtured as well.  I drop them off each day with confidence that they are receiving care that may even exceed what I could offer them at home!"

HB, Community Nurtury Parent

Begin your family's journey.

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