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Big Red Team

Why Choose Us?
We have a team of 16 dedicated professionals intent on servicing your needs and built upon customer service and referrals. There will ALWAYS be someone to answer your questions. Trust us to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about winning offers and getting the most value for our clients. We volunteer, promote our client’s businesses, and give back to our community. We’re not only interested in doing business with you - our goal is not simply to buy or sell homes - we want to develop a relationship with you and be your team for life.

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The mission of Tree of Life Family Birth Center is to offer women with low-risk pregnancies a safe, natural, more personalized birth experience, in keeping with applicable standards of midwifery practice, under the care of Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs).

Your Dependable Source for Professional Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Louisville & Southern Indiana for over 30 years. Simply Dependable.

It’s Abby’s mission to make yoga accessible and fun, while creating a space where you can grow yourself spiritually in a way that’s authentic to you. Join her in building community and awakening the mind, body and soul.

LLL is an International non-profit aimed to assist parents breastfeed (pump, bottle, mixed feeds, etc) through non-bias support, encouragement, information, and education.

We offer free meetings, online and telephone support. 

Call Lisa: 812-987-3635

Republic Bank is a full-service, relationship bank headquartered in Louisville, KY. Our associates are focused on providing exceptional service while offering valuable financial guidance to support your banking needs. We are committed to the communities we serve & strive to be an institution where people love to work and clients love to do business.

ArtSeed is owned and operated by local artists. Exhibits feature the work of local, regional and international professional artists, and student artists. The mission of ArtSeed is to support artists and provide a venue for them to live, work, and collaborate with organizations and businesses in our community in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Compassionate hospice & euthanasia for pets in the comfort of home.

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Winter Weather Information

All families will be called and emailed automatically. 
To receive notifications, text YES to 67587.

Tune into local television stations.

Call (812) 948-1000 and press *

Families should check their email by 10:30 a.m. to receive work at home instructions from staff.

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