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Did You Hear the News?

CM was featured in a news article by Spectrum News 1 illustrating some of the differences that can be found in the Montessori environment versus traditional public schools. As legislation made its way through the gears of Kentucky lawmaking (complete with a Governor's veto and an override of that veto) it was so important for the people of Kentucky to know what they may be missing out on! Our Director, Barbara Fondren, walked with a reporter from Spectrum and gave the 411, the rundown, a recapitulation (if you like a fancier synonym with your tea and crumpets) of how we are unique, what we have to offer, and what future charter schools in the Commonwealth might aspire towards.

It's that last thought that resonates most: as an established, successful Montessori Charter School, we have that responsibility to the community - to stand as a shining example of the possibilities and the varying paths to education!

See the full article & video linked below:

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