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  • Melissa Weissinger

CM Celebrates the Class of 2020!

The Community Montessori Class of 2020 graduated under remarkable circumstances as COVID-19 changed the landscape of education and society. Our graduates demonstrated admirable adaptability and creativity as they worked with staff to plan a graduation as unique and memorable as they are.

You can click this link to view the graduation video that was created as a collaboration by the staff and teens.

The graduates were also able to come to campus to collect their diplomas, and be cheered on from afar by the school staff and their families. You can check out the video of the day on our Facebook page, here.

Families and community members were also invited to share a short video with the graduates to congratulate them or share words of advice. The Flipgrid of these messages is here.

We were also humbled to have news coverage of the planning process by The News and Tribune and they also captured the resilience of this amazing group of young people. WAVE 3 also published a story about the graduation activities here.

The graduates not only adapted their graduation plans, they also adapted their CM coursework, their college dual credit work, their internships, and finally, their senior capstone projects. The capstone projects are full year endeavors designed by each learner as a culminating, reflective project that encapsulates their journey through the Woods program. This year’s seniors were planning to share their capstone projects in the Big History Exhibition at the end of the school year, but the circumstances called for a new plan. We are pleased to share their work here!

We can’t say enough about the resilience of this Class of 2020. Our school community sends them all our love, and we are so proud of you for your many varied accomplishments and getting to your goal of graduation. We have been honored to be a part of your life.

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