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Stronger Together Teen Art Project

Two teens at Community Montessori had an idea. After meeting with learners at our school and in other community schools, the group created a catalyst for a shared, community, public art project entitled Stronger Together. The conversation began after the time when the Parkland school incident took place and the teens involved decided that our local community in Southern Indiana should take action.

Here is a slideshow of the beginning of the project at Community Montessori, and leaving on the trailer to begin its travels:

Teens from Southern Indiana schools, including Community Montessori, New Albany High School, Floyd Central High School, Providence High School, Jeffersonville High School, Silver Creek High School, Clarksville High School and Rock Creek Community Academy have committed to participate over the next several weeks as the sculpture travels from school to school. Learners at each school will be invited to add string on the heart sculpture to make a public statement of support symbolizing unity and honoring the lives lost to school violence.

Here is the project arriving at Floyd Central High School, leaving Floyd Central, and arriving at Jeffersonville High School:

The project is intended to emphasize that from Columbine to Parkland to Southern Indiana, and all over the world, the one thing all of us have in common is LOVE! As a community and as teenagers, this project is meant to demonstrate that we can stand together against any kind of school violence. The project also hopes to encourage all people to vow to stay connected with one another and treat all people with love and kindness. Our school and community holds the memories of those affected by school violence close to our hearts.

The teens would like to thank artist Joe Autry, a parent at Community Montessori who worked with the teens and created the metal heart used as the base for the project, Melissa Merida and the New Albany Library who will be assisting with the display of the project when it is completed, as well as all of the schools who plan to participate over the next several weeks as the sculpture travels from school to school.


The video of the Dedication event on Friday, May 18th 2018 is now live on Youtube:

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