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Project Based Learning Through Filmmaking: Citizens of the Universe

In late March, the Islands Teens hosted a "Great Exhibition" of projects created during a six month period. ​Learners presented results from five group projects. The first group presented their process and data from the launch of a weather balloon on March 14th which visited a height of approximately 31,863 meters on its flight. The second group “cut the ribbon” on a teen designed and constructed outdoor learning pergola on the school’s property. The third group showcased collaborative quilt displaying their progress with mastering sewing and textiles. A fourth group performed a theatrical presentation planned, created, and performed by the teens. Last but not least, the fifth group premiered a learner created short film. A perspective of this fantastic event was covered by the News and Tribune in a story on March 23rd linked here.

Shared here is is the short science fiction film, "Citizens of the Universe", that was written, directed, and performed through a collaborative effort of learners ages 12-14 a.k.a. "The Islands Film Group", and viewed during this Exhibition.

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