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Natural Playground Update!

On Thursday, September 29th we officially announced the opening of the new Natural Playground with a ribbon cutting ceremony! In attendance were members of One Southern Indiana, local representatives and legislators, AML construction, school staff and families. The ceremony culminated with two of the children releasing dozens of Painted Lady butterflies - an appropriate and environmentally friendly way to celebrate! It means so much to everyone to see this goal accomplished. This playground is so beautifully done and has enhanced the value of our outdoor space for all - be you child, teen, or adult!

As a school community, we would like to thank our families for all of their contributions, from donations to time and care. We would also like to thank New Blooms Nursery for donating beautiful redbud trees, local sculptor Joe Autry for his work on the incredible and one-of-a-kind spiral bench, Hanson Aggregates Midwest for their donation of the monumental and nearly 16-ton boulder, and AML Inc. for all of their hard and masterful work!

Get a look at the slideshow of the construction from start to finish and witness the inspiring transformation!

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