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How you can help each other!

Dear Families:

Wow, we have been so impressed by how the school community is coming together and supporting each other!

As the Expansion Development Coordinator, I have seen how generous our school community can be. Along with the rest of our staff, I want to continue to support you in providing ways for you to be connected to and support each other through this particular time. We have already had several of our families who have reached out needing masks for their business.  

As Barbara shared in her email a couple of weeks ago, we want to give you the opportunity to CONTINUE to reach out to each other, stay connected, and share your resources, services, health information, and needs. 

We have created four surveys which you can use to submit information that will be shared with all other members of the school community.  This will happen on this shared Google Sheet where you can see the responses so far - you can click this link to view them nowThere are tabs along the bottom of the Google Sheet which let you view the results of each topic separately!  Be sure to check them all out when you visit.

You can also find this sheet linked from the “Current Families” section of our website, any time under the link “CM FAMILY CORONAVIRUS SURVEY RESPONSES”.

Check out all four surveys, divided by topic, here:

  1. For this survey, you will be sharing any RESOURCES you have found. - We know many of you have found wonderful resources and helpful practices over the past couple of weeks. An example is the resource we shared about making masks.  Please mention if you have a stock of masks which you can offer to other families. 

  2. For this survey, you will be listing any SERVICES you can share with others. - Some examples might include: you can offer childcare to a front line worker, you can run errands or bring groceries/supplies to a family in need, you can make items (masks, etc) which may be useful to others during this emergency, you can mow grass, you can donate food, supplies, etc. 

  3. For this survey, you will be sharing any NEEDS for your family or an organization. - This could include such things as - food, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, childcare for you as a front line worker, if you have an organization that needs masks or other supplies, if you have a need for someone to run errands for you, etc.

  4. For this survey, you will be sharing any HEALTH INFORMATION for your family. - We are a compassionate community - if you want to share (OPTIONAL) we envision this as an opportunity for families who have contracted the virus to make others aware of how the virus is moving through our community, share tips about how they cared for family members with the illness, tips on accessing healthcare resources, etc.

Thank you to all of you for staying connected with us, sharing your needs, sharing how you can support each other, and supporting our larger community. I will be following up with an email on Monday to share the Google Sheet link so that you can each see what other families have listed in the surveys above.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions at

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