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Food Pantry 2.0!

The Community Montessori Food Pantry has gotten one heck of an upgrade in the form of new, built-in shelving!

A CM family noticed that our existing shelves were looking a bit tired and worn down (which, itself, is a testament to how much has been given) and graciously volunteered their time, labor, and materials to construct new, sturdy shelving to hold all the goods our amazing families are constantly contributing. This was unsolicited but so appreciated in these tough times, when prices at the grocery store are hitting the pockets harder than Mike Tyson (and prices at the pump are taking quite a bite out of wallets)!

On top of that, with a generous donation from Greenwell Plumbing, they were able to make several trips to restock, and upon completion of their weekend project they freshly stocked those new shelves.

This did not last long, however, as I am told the shelves were bare again by the following Monday! It’s clear to me that this effort can make a difference, and that it is very needed. I am ever so impressed by the generosity of our families here at CM. Thank you for all that you do, and give, and please keep up the good work. This effort, this good, that you put out into the community helps to balance out all of the wild, unfortunate, and sometimes awful things that we are seeing happen in our world today. There is an imbalance in our communities, a wise Human once told me, and things like this, efforts like this, I truly believe, can help tip the scales in favor of good.

Thanks to the Mascio-Thompsons and Greenwell Plumbing, and to all of our generous families and community members! Together, we can make a difference.

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