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First Day of School 2022!

We had an incredibly smooth and exciting first day of school. We cannot show enough gratitude to our teachers, families, and learners for making our first day so special! From a truly (and surprisingly) successful morning carline, to community building activities in the studios, to a neatly wrapped up pickup carline and end of day, we were all struck by how pleasantly well things went. It was almost surreal (but only because a little pandemonium is to be expected at the start of any journey). For this, we owe a thanks: to staff - thank you for your efforts, your dedication, and your clear communications; to CM families - thank you for diligently reading the many (and yes, sometimes very lengthy) emails and following the instructions within them; to our learners old and new, young and grown, thank YOU for being the reason we do what we do, and for partnering with us in this grand adventure!

Check out the awesome slideshow prepared by our very own Michael Sylvester!

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