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Dragons & Dungeons & Beasts, Oh My!

Darkness is dispelled by a sudden light. We see a caped adventurer, sword in hand, face masked (and for once it feels normal, and looks cool). The fighting ensues, and melee combat is joined. Monsters hath been slain!

All to the tune of The Cranberries “Zombie” - what more could one’s 90’s loving heart desire? A Beholder - a hideous, floating, many-eyed, magical orb that has been the doom of countless D&D parties - that’s what! By the way, you can watch all of that in the trailer for She Kills Monsters, but viewer beware - goosebumps are an inevitability! (and yes, that is another 90’s reference).

Community Montessori Performing Arts is putting on its first live theatre production in the CASA dei Curiosity - the event space that was built for this very purpose, to channel the creative energies of our spectacularly talented learners!

In fact, they’re so talented that they’ve landed our school in the news, yet again!

News and Tribune got a sneak peek at the production, including a picture more rare than a Bigfoot sighting… a five-headed dragon that could only be Tiamat, evil dragon goddess of greed (if memory serves correct.. my D&D days are far behind me). To verify all these unconfirmed rumours of Dragons and such, you’ll want to purchase a ticket for the show, which runs Thursday, 4/28 through Saturday, 4/30. Doors open at 7:00pm.

In the meantime, check out the news article here and read all about how these teens have taken on leadership roles in the production, management, direction, and choreography of this show!

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