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Congratulations Class of 2022!

Community Montessori Public Charter School held its graduation ceremony for the class of 2022 on Saturday, May 28th at the New Albany Amphitheater. This was the first year the school had used this location - the first year that the ceremony had not taken place on campus - and the weather could not have been any better! This was also the first graduating class to choose one student to speak on behalf of all - a break from the norm for Community Montessori.

As with everything we do at our school, the teens themselves were at the helm in planning this event and deserve as much accolades as can be given for a well-thought-out ceremony (shout out to some very dedicated advisors and staff for necessary assistance). Some of these learners have been at CM their whole lives, and one can only imagine the surreal experience of planning out the end of their journey (or the beginning of the next leg of that journey). After weathering the trials of a pandemic, leaving campus to learn from home, wondering if they would ever even return to the building, and dealing with all of this while riding the mental-and-emotional-rollercoaster that came with it, these young humans reached the finish line with gusto. This class saw amazing successes, including numerous grants, such as a ten thousand dollar grant from Caesars and the top Indiana Bar Association grant in the state! They completed internships and obtained real world experience. Some are graduating with so many dual credits that they will forgo their freshman year of college! These graduates are living proof that we humans are astonishingly resilient in the face of calamity and adversity. They are proof that you cannot define a generation, that each person is an individual, and that every child and teen truly is amazing!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022, your Community Montessori family is beyond proud, and will always be here for you!

If you missed the event, or would like to relive it, get comfortable and check out the video above (Facebook muted some of the audio here and there due to copyright - my apologies for that) but bring a tissue if you’re prone to tearing up.


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