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We are lessening our footprint, to make room for MORE footprints. Please join us in re-thinking outdoor play. If you attended our December PIP Workshop, you heard from our designers, Bienenstock - the leaders in DISRUPTIVE design of Natural Playgrounds!

The pandemic brought a new way of thinking to our world, and for us - it was a renewed commitment to our natural world. We have had so much fun redesigning our outdoor playground to our revamped NATURAL PLAYGROUND - installation in Summer 2022.

YES! IF all goes as planned, we will be returning in Fall, 2022 - with an incredible new space…

  • A Giraffe(looking) swing with an omnidirectional movement for incredible sensory input, collaborative play, and LARGE feelings of satisfaction.

  • A digging/creative pit - It has been a dream for a LOOONG time to support this need in our young humans. This vast span of sand will be packed with little hands and toes:).

  • A sensory path - a winding walkway with various shapes, materials, and designs to explore with shoes on or off.

  • Wacky posts (small cut trees 5’-7’ tall) to climb on, build with, designed for slacklines and hammocks – so much fun!

  • Hill slides - utilizing the slope of the earth to travel from the upper space to the sandpit.

  • Climbing Structure - with climbing tree components, tall nests to gather in, ropes to travel across, and even a rope tunnel.

  • Walking path - connecting the sidewalk at the front of the building to connect all the way around the school with paths and trails.

  • Maintaining the large field in the back yard with better drainage management by integrating drain pipes under the digging pit.

  • Large boulders and tree stumps throughout and even a rock path.

  • A spiral bench and large trees to make a fort or dwelling.

  • Landscaping and grass – all to make a space so a whole age level can be outside at the same time;)!

HELP us make this the best it can be - GIVE NOW!

You will be billed for this donation through Infinite Campus. If you would like to make your contribution in another way, please contact Barbara Fondren, Director.


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