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  • Melissa Weissinger

CM Family Update 3/3/21

Please find here the recording of the CM family update held Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021.

In summary:

CM is delaying the opening of Hybrid until Monday, March 15th.

Today’s family call gave all of the context and other discussion regarding the current status of COVID in our local community and its impact on our school. We also discussed two important changes for on-campus learners:

  • Rapid Negative Antigen tests cannot be used for a symptomatic learner to return to on-campus learning. The negative result must either be verified by a PCR test, have a doctor’s note that the illness is non-covid related, or stay off campus for 14 days.

  • All on-campus face masks must be 2-layers or more. One layer face masks (like some gaiter or scarf-style masks), should not be worn on campus. Let us know if you need face masks for your learner.

  • Parents that are COVID positive that cannot completely quarantine from their child, must have their child quarantine for an additional 14 days after the child’s last exposure to the parent during the parent’s 14 day quarantine. (Could be up to 28 days, total quarantine.)


Friday, March 26th, originally scheduled as a Staff Professional Day, will be an Asynchronous Learning Day. To support the dozens of hours of Professional growth for staff this year, we are reinstating this day. This means that learners in all programs will be OFF-CAMPUS on Friday, March 26th (Extended Learning and the Community Nurtury will also be closed). For most studios, they will work on catch up work or assignments from the Google Classroom - there will be NO live lessons

  • The schedule below could change at any time due to community spread and CM needs.

  • EARLY EDUCATION is open for Hybrid and FSP learners, including Extended Learning for those enrolled.

  • ELEMENTARY AND TEEN FSP LEARNERS CONTINUE ON-CAMPUS, including Extended Learning for those enrolled.


As we approach Spring Break, please keep in mind the CDC recommendations and the international travel quarantine requirement for our school families. Please review this requirement in the CM Pandemic Plan for a 7-day quarantine after International travel by ANY HOUSEHOLD MEMBER for learners returning to on-campus learning after Spring Break. We also ask our on-campus families to consider the impact of any other potential travel plans and planning for reducing the impact of any exposures to our school family.

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