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CM Family Update 10/20/2020

Please find here the recording of the CM family update discussion held Tuesday, October 20th, 2020.

In summary, due to the continuing increase of cases statewide and locally, the Hybrid program will not be starting on October 26th. The earliest the Hybrid program will start in full capacity will be January 2020. We will give another update by December, if not sooner, about the status of the school and on-campus programs.

If you wish to request an early start in the Hybrid program for your learner, please use this form to make the request. Please fill out the form once for EACH enrolled child for whom you wish to make the change. You can also use this form to request a change to Full-Time Off-Campus learning, which will be approved as soon as you make the request.

As we come back from the break and we have gathered more information about how the virus spread is increasing in the community, we wanted to take a moment and share important reminders for On-Campus learners about what steps to follow if anyone in the family does not feel well. With the changing nature of the virus, these guidelines are expected to change but the more precautions we take, the better prepared we will be.


  1. Screening BEFORE arrival is an essential part and a very vital step in ensuring that we are able to continue to stay open. Please screen your child by using our COVID19 Symptom Screener (including checking their temperature) BEFORE dropping them off. If your learner exhibits any symptoms, please plan for Off-Campus learning until you are able to confirm that these symptoms are not related to Coronavirus.

  2. If your child has been tested recently, please make sure they complete their testing cycle AND complete their quarantine period before they enter our campus. Reach out to your studio teachers if you have any questions about this process.

  3. When you agreed to On-Campus School, you completed an agreement through FACTS that included information about the following commitments and is linked here for your reference:

    1. Families will screen children/teens at home every day they attend On-Campus School. If child(ren)/teen(s) have any of the listed symptoms, they will move to Off-Campus School.

    2. Families will verify all parent and emergency contact info is complete and accurate and make any updates immediately (i.e. new phone numbers) AND be able to pick up their child from school within ONE HOUR via one of these emergency contacts.

    3. If a COVID-19 test is given, the child/teen will stay in Off-Campus School until results are finalized.

    4. If a COVID-19 test is given and it is negative but the learner still has symptoms, communicate with your studio teachers at least 24 hours in advance of returning to agree on a plan before coming back to campus.

    5. If a COVID-19 test is given and a positive result is confirmed, this will be communicated to CM Director, Barbara Burke Fondren, within two hours of parents being notified, and the family will follow the steps given by the school.

    6. If a learner(s) has a family member (including siblings) who tests positive for COVID-19, the learner/sibling will need to self-quarantine for up to 14 days before returning to school. Please communicate with the studio teachers.

    7. If a learner is considered a close contact, they will need to be quarantined for at least 14 days before coming back on campus. Please communicate with your studio teachers.

    8. Families will not be entering the school during the day unless they are a planned substitute or for some other planned reason.

    9. Based on the current knowledge of COVID 19, we acknowledge that our child is at more risk of becoming infected when enrolled in the ON-CAMPUS SCHOOL.


With the consistent new information about face coverings and safety, please read the following plan on face covering guidelines when on campus:

  1. Learners in the 6-9 year old program and up, should wear cloth or disposable face masks. They are able to take a break from their face masks and/or wear face shields when they are given permission from their studio teacher - usually when 12’ away from others. They can always wear face shields over face masks as the safest protection.

  2. Learners should be encouraged to use lanyards to hold their face masks and fold their face mask so the insides are touching.

  3. Learners should bring at least one spare face covering to school daily.

  4. Staff in studios can wear face shields without face masks when they are 12’ away from others for up to 30 minutes. Staff working solo in open spaces or closed spaces should wear face shields or face masks at all times.

  5. If staff are touching shared materials without a face mask on, they should sanitize all materials before returning them to the shelf.

  6. While inside, learners in the 3-6 program will be supported in wearing face masks but can wear face shields during this learning period. They will be able to take a break(with limits) from their face coverings when they are 12’ away from others(we will encourage them to use their face shield when taking a break from their face mask).

  7. While outside, staff and learners can run and play without face coverings while doing solo activities. When playing within 6’ of others, they should wear either a face mask or a face shield.

  8. Lunch Procedures:

    1. Studios should work to maintain 6’ distance when eating.

    2. Studios should eat outside when possible.

    3. Studios should eat in shifts when possible.

    4. Learners should put their mask back on when moving around in the studio.

If a learner is not planning on wearing a face covering, they should opt for Full Time Off-Campus School.

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