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Big History was a Big Hit!

The Big History Exhibition had quite the turnout, with the CASA dei Curiosity packed nearly to capacity for the opening ceremony. Attendees were able to view exhibits in thresholds 5 through 9 which were spread over the MAC, Lunarium, and fitness room. From Greek mythology, to historic events such as the Bubonic Plague; from the evolution of the wheel to Humanity's role in the cosmos; from the darkest moments of our past - the history of Human slavery - to the brightest moments still to come - the future lives and career paths of our graduating teens, Big History seemed to have it all. Indeed, it was more than could be viewed in the allotted time frame, which is why we’ve put together this slideshow. Not every exhibit is featured within (there were many, you’d be here all day), but here are some amazing examples of work done by our amazing learners.


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