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Opportunities! Spring Enrichments and Montessori Family Alliance Online Course

In our family emails this week, we had a theme of INVOLVED PARENTS. We boast some of the most amazing family involvement of any school! Here is information on two wonderful family opportunities we shared this week:


Enrichment Program registration is happening now!

Register by emailing the program provider listed. Programs begin after Spring break, so the deadline to register is Wednesday the 20th of March.

There is one scholarship available per enrichment, which you can request when you email the provider of the program.


There is also a great opportunity for an online parenting course from the Montessori Family Alliance, below. You can click this link to read the full email with all the details about the course from the Alliance, and check out the most pertinent info in this email. This online course would be a great way to build your parenting skills (YES, these are skills that you can learn) and learn how to link family life more closely with Montessori philosophy. We hope you will check it out!

Give Yourselves the Gift of Montessori Parenting 101


The Parenting Puzzle - The Basics

5 week Online Course

Ongoing Access

Normal cost - $150/Family


Offer ends April 1

Use Code flash-pp at checkout

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