• Trapezoid Studio, 3-6 year old learners

Article link: how to support children with changing routines and environment

The teachers from Trapezoid Studio, Laura Bergstrom and Terri Raynor, recommend this article from the Montessori Doshi website. The teachers know many of you will be travelling over break or having family come to visit. Here is a blog post about how to support Montessori discipline (especially for those with learners in the 3-6 year old studios) as you go to parties, travel to relatives' homes, and deal with inconsistent schedules.

Visit this link to see the article "Montessori in the Wild: How to handle children's discipline when you're not in a Montessori environment anymore."

Blog link shared with permission under this linked licence with credit for the article to Catherine McTamaney, Ed.D.

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