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Ways to Help Your Mornings Run Smoothly

You wake up, yawn, stretch, and get yourself ready to start the day. You walk into your child’s bedroom and wake them up. Things begin to spin out of control; they are not happy, are cranky, and don’t want to get dressed. You fight over what they are going to wear; you are frustrated that they can’t find their shoes; and your tension builds as you watch the time on the clock slowly slip away. Now, breakfast is rushed or eaten in the car. Lunch...who has time to worry about that? You pack that while they finish eating and you all rush to your car.

Does any of this sound familiar? Below are some ideas that might support a smoother morning at home!

You’ve heard us talk about supporting independence before and the key in these situations is time management. Children at this age haven’t grasped the concept of time, as you may have noticed, and their speed as to get things accomplished is vastly different from the adults. The Early Ed staff at CM have created a table that may help facilitate your morning schedule.

This process towards independence and self-regulation can look different for every child and every family. Use what works for you and your child. There may be push back from your child, but if you recognize that they are physically capable of doing something (i.e. putting their own shoes on), they just need the time to do so. You can say to them, “I will sit right here and support you. You can put your shoes on and I’ll talk to you.” Remember that consistency is key, as is a bit of flexibility while making these changes.

Need more help or suggestions in these or any other areas? We are more than happy to support you in any way we can. Please feel free to send us an email.

“In short the whole problem of education is to give the child the necessary help, excluding any unnecessary help, so that the child may be helped to develop himself. This means that the adult must re-orient himself in his understanding of the child and thus assist in the solution of a great problem. Self-activity thus becomes the basis for education.” -Maria Montessori

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