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Why We Do What We Do; The Islands at Community Montessori

Striving to create an authentic Montessori environment in a Charter school world like the one at Community Montessori is a balancing act. Families of 12-14 year old learners, and even the learners themselves, might begin to question why activities such as "occupations", "Big Projects", "individual inquiries", and even our kinesthetic approach to learning in a lot of our studies is necessary.

This video of a presentation given by Emily Ross, a teacher in the Islands' Monsoon Studio, shows her explaining to the learners why the teaching and learning styles utilized at this age level have been developed at Community Montessori.

It is our hope that this presentation explains to the learners and their families the role of "Noble Work" and the intentions of Montessori's Erdkinder vision combined with the modern requirements that our current world demands of schools in our state and local environments.

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