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PIP Fall Spiritwear and Winter Gifting

Order your Fall Spiritwear before November 29th. Visit our webstore link to place your order.


New this year, you can make your gift online (via Paypal) by clicking this link. Please remember to include your studio(s) name(s) when prompted, and it is also helpful if you include your learner(s) name(s). Thank you!

Many years ago, our staff decided that in lieu of personal gifts from families, they would prefer to receive materials for their studios. So, every year each studio creates a wishlist of items they would love to add to the materials in their studios. PIP Council uses these lists to create Winter Gifting snowflakes which are hung near the entrance of each studio. To participate, simply choose an item from the display, attach your payment and drop it off to the collection bin at the Curved Desk or make your gift online. (Blue snowflakes are “most wanted” items.) After the gifting is complete, volunteers will organize and place all the orders and gifts will be delivered as they arrive in the new year. This is the perfect way to acknowledge your child’s teacher/advisor and Winter Gifting has become a tradition here at CM. The learners love opening up the boxes and seeing what’s new in the room each January!

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