I am humbled by the staff and families I learn and grow with each day. As Glenn (my amazing husband since 1991) and I researched schools for our own children (Kaitlin, Class of 2011, and Kasey, Class of 2014), we were both drawn to the philosophy and beliefs of Maria Montessori which lead us to opening Community Montessori in 1998. My background and degree in education from Indiana University gave me a foundation for my Masters in Montessori education through Xavier University. I am currently a licensed educator in Indiana from early childhood education through high school with two Montessori Credentials.​


Family Liaison

I feel honored to be a part of a place that provides an opportunity for young individuals to develop skills that will help them become lifelong learners.  Since we began the school in 1998, I have had the privilege to work closely with countless learners and their families. I have enjoyed helping create an atmosphere that views learners as individuals and supports their passions to help build a stronger community.  I’m blessed to have three incredible women in my life. Barbara who I have been married to for 20+ years, and Kaitlin and Kasey, who have both graduated from our school.



Administrative Finance

My journey with Community Montessori began as a parent in 2006 when my oldest daughter started school here. For five years I served the school as PIP Council Treasurer and then as President. Before volunteering at the school I worked in the banking industry for 15 years. My journey in banking began in auditing before moving on to other roles where I gained many years of experience in the full spectrum of accounting. I am excited to serve the school community with my financial expertise.


Administrative Coordinator

I am a post-graduate in Business studies and Management and have been a parent at Community Montessori since 2012. Being thoroughly impressed with the Montessori philosophy, I began volunteering which helped me get a better understanding of the philosophy. I admire the fact that everyone in the CM community is treated with the same level of respect, be it a learner or an adult. In my spare time, I like to cook, cross-stitch and watch British comedies.



Curved Desk

I joined Community Montessori in 2011. Before that I spent several years volunteering and serving on the PIP Council. I graduated from Ball State University where I majored in History and minored in Business Administration and Sociology. I love to spend my time reading, camping and gardening. I have 2 wonderful sons who have attended Community Montessori since Kindergarten.



Curved Desk/Health Services Support

My journey with Community Montessori began as a parent in 2020 when my oldest child started early education. I am a graduate of Berea College with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in health. I have a background in family preservation and case management. In my free time I enjoy knitting and spending time outside in nature. I feel honored to be a part of a community that values individuality and supports children to grow into exceptional adults.


Expansion Development

It is a privilege to serve donors and community members who have a passion for supporting our unique educational environment. I enjoy interacting with the school community and our exceptional learners because we have such a giving culture. I continue to be impressed with the dedication of our families to our mission. I am a Southern Indiana native and graduated from IU Southeast with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2005. I also hold a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the IU Fundraising School. It is a joy to share my life with my husband Sam and our daughter Claire.



Environmental Specialist

I've been employed at Community Montessori since 2008.  I'm very proud to be the head of Environmental Services.  My hobbies are hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor activity. I always loved being around and working with kids.  I'm very proud to be part of the Community Montessori family.



Environmental Specialist

I moved here back in 2005 from Arizona.  I found my soulmate and we have a baby boy on the way.  I am very excited to work with the Community Montessori family and look forward to many more years to come.

CM Website- 11-16-21-6577.jpg


School-wide Substitute Support

I have worked with the hospitality industry for about a decade and I am an entrepreneur. During the lockdown in 2020 my passionate teacher wife Joy taught from home in Lagos Nigeria and made me fall in love with the Montessori methodology so when the opportunity came to join this great CM family I dived at it. I am a scriptwriter and songwriter and I love to cook. I am a sports enthusiast, I love to play, analyze and teach soccer.



CM Website- 11-16-21-6688.jpg



My name is Sarah Gaudet.  I was part of the first graduating class at Community Montessori and I took RIE training (Resources for Infant Educarers) during the summer of 2015.  I am an educarer in the Community Nurtury and I get to bring my son, Liam, to work with me every day!

CM Website- 11-16-21-6700.jpg



I've have been apart of this amazing community since 2014. I have 3 kids, all of whom attend Community Montessori. Before taking this position I worked at a locally owned nursing boutique. As an associate, I helped nurture and develop strong nursing relationships between mothers and baby. I was also a professional photographer for 10 years specifically focusing on family and birth photography. I'm excited and looking forward to getting to know every family at the Nurtury. 

CM Website- 11-16-21-6691.jpg



I first learned about the Montessori pedagogy back in the University of Paris (France) while studying for my Bachelor degree in education. I immediately knew that I wanted to become a Montessori teacher. I am a certified Montessori teacher for infant/toddler. I worked 5 years as a lead teacher at Kenwood Montessori School in Louisville. I am very excited to work at Community Montessori!



I became a Community Montessori parent in 2013, and the more I learn about the philosophy the more I fall in love with it. I received my Montessori Early Childhood credential in January 2019. I have a Bachelor of Arts in both Communication and Psychology from Indiana University, and have taught both in public and private schools since graduating in 2005. I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters, and love hiking, crafting, any activity outdoors, and exploring new places.

CM Staff-7078.jpg


Pentagon Studio


Pentagon Studio

My family and I first learned about  Montessori in 2016 and we immediately fell in love with the philosophy. I have always dreamed about working with children and believe that they are our hope for a better tomorrow. I hold a BS in Business from Indiana University and am working towards my Montessori certification in Early Childhood. I love cooking (and eating), camping with my husband and son, reading, and going on new adventures. I’m so honored to be a part of this community and to share this experience with the children.

CM Staff Headshots-1120-Edit.jpg
CM Website- 11-16-21-6832.jpg


Ellipse Studio

I first visited Community Montessori while I was earning my degree in Special Education. This is where my love of Montessori began. I knew then that this was the kind of school I wanted to be in. In 2013 we started sending my son to a Montessori school and I started working there. I've been working in Montessori ever since and I'm so happy to have made my way back to Community Montessori. I live with my family in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, KY and I enjoy reading, going on hikes, and riding my bike.


Ellipse Studio

I am a Montessori teacher and returning Community Montessori staff member. In 2009, I graduated from Montessori Institute Northwest with a primary (ages 3-6) certification. I have decades of experience in child caregiving, including work in a children's home. My Montessori guide strengths include nurturing a love of making handicrafts, singing songs, and exploring the natural world. I live with my daughter in a tiny country cottage in Salem, IN. We enjoy porch sitting, creek walks and races down the gravel road.



Trapezoid Studio

I joined CM in 2012. I have worked in both private and public Montessori schools since 1997. It is the best job ever. The environments are absolutely beautiful and the respect for all is incredible. I have a degree in Sociology and Montessori Certification in Early Education.  I am reminded everyday of the importance of play, awe of the natural world, and the astonishing work of the child. My husband and I live in Louisville and my daughter attends the University of Kentucky. I am also a volunteer instructor for The Taoist Tai Chi Society.

CM Staff Headshots-1122-Edit.jpg


Trapezoid Studio

I learned about Montessori in March 2019 and immediately knew this was the path I wanted to pursue as a career. I hold a BA in Fine Art/Sculpture from Georgetown College and am working towards my Montessori certification in Early Childhood. I have worked with children in a variety of ways over the past 20 years but am excited to learn more about Montessori and be in the studio with my learners.


Quatrefoil Studio

I was inspired by this community after volunteering in my daughter's studio. I hold an Early Childhood Montessori certification from CGMS and a MS in Family Therapy. The Montessori philosophy blends my love of guiding young children and connecting with them at the social and emotional level. I use my previous experience as a family therapist and public school teacher, realizing the focus on peace education was missing in my former life. I love being with my family, gardening then cooking what grows, and building things from wood. 



Quatrefoil Studio

Coming soon.. 


Developmental Specialist

I have been a part of the Community Montessori family since 2006. I have a Bachelor's degree in Preschool Education, a Master's degree in Social Work, and a Primary Montessori Certification. As I work with young children, I hope to support their social and emotional growth, and develop peaceful interaction skills with others. My passions are cooking, gardening, and traveling with my family!


CM Staff-9065-Edit_edited.jpg


Developmental Specialist

An always-learning food forager, gardener, artist, writer; I love reading field guides about wild edibles, including mushrooms. My career background is diverse: A Family Coach providing children and caregivers a safe place for communication within the bounds of supervised visitations. I became a stay-at-home mama to my daughter and in accepting that wild ride eased out of a rewarding career as a Registered Behavior Technician (implementing ABA Therapy with youth). Most recently, I was a teacher in an Early Learning Academy with a crew of 2-3 year olds.






Tundra Studio

I am a product of both private Montessori and public education with Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Political Science working towards my Masters in Montessori Education. I joined Community Montessori in 2020 as an Elementary teacher and am ecstatic at the continued opportunity to provide a Montessori environment for children of all ages. My Montessori education primed me for genuine interest in a diverse collection of studies including the Humanities, Science, Art and Outdoor Education.



Tundra Studio

I graduated with a degree in Cultural Studies in 2013. I spent time traveling with my wife, Hannah, teaching English as a second language, and starting a family. A friend introduced me to Maria Montessori and her impact on teaching in 2017. After study and research, I realized that Montessori education was a pathway leading to independent, courageous young people, and decided to be part of that movement. I started working in Sapphire in March 2018 and began my Montessori training the following summer. I am so excited to partner with families and learners on this lifelong journey.



Rainforest Studio

My first experiences in Montessori were in Arizona as an assistant in a 3-6 class for a year and a half. Mary and I started Ellipse together and our time with our learners has been one of the best experiences of my life! My Montessori certification is for ages 2.5 to 6. I studied at Montessori Northwest, an AMI program. I am currently pursuing my M.Ed from Loyola University Maryland. I love to sing, write, be in nature, and spend time with my friends and family. I find being a Montessori teacher to be a daily inspiration and reassurance of the vast potential of the human mind and spirit.

CM Staff-7086.jpg


Rainforest Studio

In the summer of 2019 my family and I made the move from Florida to Indiana. I fell in love with CM's vision and some days I still can't believe that I am part of this amazing team. I graduated with my BS in Elementary Education in 2018. I plan on getting my Montessori Teaching Certification as well. Working with children is my biggest passion and I feel blessed to work within a Montessori environment that showers children with respect and understanding. Some of my favorite pastimes are exploring new parks with my son, being in the water, and relaxing with a good book. 


Ocean Studio

I am privileged to have been a member of the CM staff family since 2010. I earned my Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from IU Southeast. Since being at CM, I have also obtained my 6-12 Montessori Certification. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family as well as listening to and playing the piano. I also enjoy reading historical fiction seeing how different people lived, spoke, and interacted with one another.


CM Staff-9079_edited.jpg


Ocean Studio

I joined Community Montessori in 2021 with Natalie in the Ocean studio. When I am not in the studio, I am with my three wonderful children exploring nature, making science and doing creative projects. I am an artist with a discipline in acrylic and watercolors. I am currently illustrating a children's book that I hope will be published in 2022.  I am looking forward to meeting all the learners this year.


Desert Studio

Beginning my Montessori journey in 2015, I feel truly blessed to be a part of the CM family. My background experience at the Clark Y of Southern Indiana from 2009-2016 first inspired my love and genuine happiness of working with children. I graduated from IU Southeast with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in December of 2013 and am currently halfway through my CGMS Montessori certification. Whether I present lessons, play games, supervise crafts & activities, sing, or just engage in meaningful conversations with children, I find a satisfying purpose and fulfillment.

CM Staff-9080-Edit_edited.jpg


Desert Studio 

My experience with CM began in 2021 as a student teacher through Indiana University Southeast to complete my Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education. This opportunity has been a blessing and has shown me a side to education that truly empowers the children and fosters a love of learning. I love that I can always learn or discover something new with the Montessori philosophy and teachings. When I’m not in school, I love to hike, play with my dog, and spend time with friends and family. 


Studio Support Coordinator (Ages 3-12)

I believe that children are the hope for humanity and feel privileged to play a role in the process through my active involvement in education. I have my B.S. in Elementary Education, 6-12 Montessori credential, and M.A. in Montessori education. In 2016 and 2017 I lived in Shanghai, China to help spread authentic Montessori practices worldwide. My favorite things in life are conversations that challenge my thinking, immersive book series, anything and everything outdoors, globe trotting, and spending time with my husband and our son.



Developmental Specialist Co-Director

I have been counseling and teaching skills (coping, emotional, educational, and practical living) to children, teens and young adults ages 4 to 22, as well as families and other caregivers, for 12 years through community-based services in Louisville, KY. Many of the needs have included autism spectrum, developmental delays, cognitive differences, attachment disorders, emotional disturbance, drug use and history of neglect and abuse. I am a proud dad, and I play, teach, and compose music. I am the creator of Liberation Living Room, Children’s Concert and Web-series. I am very happy to be part of the incredible Community Montessori team.


Developmental Specialist

I have been part of the Community Montessori family since my eldest son entered the Early Education program in 2009. I earned my B.A. in English from IU Southeast in 2012 and proudly joined the CM staff in the Fall of 2017. I have a passion for literature and cross-disciplinary learning.  I love sharing this with children, in honor of Maria Montessori's words: "We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity."



CM Staff Headshots-1130-Edit.jpg


Amethyst  Studio

My journey began as a parent in 2013 when my eldest son started in Trapezoid. Along the way I have had several roles at Community Montessori including: Studio Coordinator, PIP Council, and substituting. Each capacity has taught me something new and exciting about this amazing school. Growing up in a military family I have lived all over the globe, but Georgia is where I spent the majority of my formative years. I attended Georgia Southern University where I received my B.S.; in the near future, I will be pursuing my master's degree in conjunction with my Montessori certification.


Amethyst Studio
I joined the CM team in 2020 after moving to Louisville, Kentucky from my home state, Virginia, where I graduated from VCUarts with two Bachelor's in Art Education and Craft & Material Studies. As I learned more about Dr. Montessori's teachings, I realized it was the philosophy I believed in and wanted to practice as a teacher. I'm excited to be part of your child's educational journey and am proud to have the opportunity to shape them into capable, independent young adults. In the future, I hope to obtain a Montessori credential and continue developing as an educator.



Diamond Studio

I have been a member of Community Montessori since 2002. I graduated from Indiana University Southeast in which I attained a bachelor’s degree in 2002. While attaining my teaching certificate from Indiana Wesleyan University, I began my career here with Community Montessori as a teacher with 6-9 year olds.   In 2010 I transitioned into the 9-12 program. During this time I earned Montessori certification. I have taught all levels ranging from 6-12 years of age. I enjoy spending time with my family and two sons, Alex and Jaden. I am proud to be a part of a school that is redefining education one learner at a time.



Diamond Studio

I joined CM as a parent in 2006, and accepted a teaching position in the 6-9 program in 2010. My daughter graduated from CM in 2019, and my son has attended since 2010. I have a BS in Elementary Education and an MS in Library Media Education, both from Western Kentucky University, and had taught at various grade levels in traditional school settings prior to my time here. I particularly value Montessori's emphasis on respect for the individual and environment, as well as its approach to peace education. I enjoy traveling, hiking, gardening, viewing and critiquing films, watching my children grow into fascinating little people, and relaxing with book outdoors.



Turquoise Studio

I have a B.A. from IUS and am licensed to teach in Indiana. I'm currently working toward my Montessori Certification. I love teaching outdoor and survival skills. I was a whitewater raft guide in the Smoky Mountains for 7 years on the Nantahala, Ocoee, and Pigeon rivers. I have been a swiftwater rescue technician as well as a Wilderness EMT. I also had an internship with a professional sculptor in Costa Rica, leading to being a commercial sculptor and mold-maker for several years. I worked as a sign language interpreter and at an orphanage for deaf children in Thailand for three years. Recently I spent 5 months in Nepal working at a deaf school. I starting working at CM in 2012 and adore this school!

CM Website- 11-16-21-6574.jpg


Turquoise Studio  

I joined Community Montessori in 2021. I have a Bachelors degree in Chemistry education and a Masters degree in Educational management, from the University of Lagos Nigeria. My love for Maria Montessori's philosophy made me acquire a Montessori certification, and I feel honored to serve in this beautiful community. In my free time, I love to sew, play table tennis and ride a bicycle.


Sapphire Studio

After graduating from the University of Louisville in 2003, I began my teaching career. I taught Spanish to grades K-8 for 11 years. My husband, Joe, and I made the decision to send our daughter to a Montessori preschool. During the 8 years in the Montessori program, I fell in love with the philosophy and aspired to become a Montessori teacher. Our family has benefited greatly from adapting the Montessori method in our home. In July of 2018, I completed my Montessori credential for ages 6-12. I am excited to be part of the Community Montessori family.

CM Staff-9067_edited.jpg


Sapphire Studio

I joined the CM family in 2021 as co-teacher in the Sapphire Studio. I have been teaching in the public schools for several years as both a classroom and a special needs teacher. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in Special Education. I came to CM as a way to challenge myself and to see new perspectives on how we can educate our children. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, writing, playing games, and pretending I know how to cook.


Developmental Specialist

My introduction to Community Montessori was in 2003 when my son, Abe, began in the Early Education program the day after his third birthday. Maria Montessori was a true genius and visionary and I am humbled and grateful to have an opportunity to continue her legacy. I feel like I am with family when I walk in each day (maybe that's not a great image for you, but you know what I mean!). For the sake of simplicity, I do this because it's just fun to be here and be with these kids. They are magical in all of their brilliant imperfections.


Developmental Specialist Co-Director

I have been counseling and teaching skills (coping, emotional, educational, and practical living) to children, teens and young adults ages 4 to 22, as well as families and other caregivers, for 12 years through community-based services in Louisville, KY. Many of the needs have included autism spectrum, developmental delays, cognitive differences, attachment disorders, emotional disturbance, drug use and history of neglect and abuse. I am a proud dad, and I play, teach, and compose music. I am the creator of Liberation Living Room, Children’s Concert and Web-series. I am very happy to be part of the incredible Community Montessori team.

CM Staff-9057-Edit_edited.jpg


Developmental Specialist

I joined Montessori 2021 and am excited to begin this journey. I am currently working on finishing my master's in elementary education. I have had many wonderful opportunities to work with a wide variety of children including three years of volunteering at Riley Children’s Hospital and subbing for a school district for several years. I enjoy camping, hiking, going on new adventures and have been working to get back into volunteering.

CM Staff-9069-Edit_edited.jpg


Resident Student Teacher - Sapphire

My Montessori journey began in 2021 as a student teacher. I am a senior at Indiana University Southeast working toward my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I love working with kids of all ages and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am excited to learn more about the Montessori method as I am completely immersed in the atmosphere. When I’m not working with children, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and my dog, Sadie



CM Staff-9052_edited.jpg


Monsoon Studio

I joined the Community Montessori Team in 2021. I graduated from Drake University with a degree in Musical Theatre, with my side passions being ASL and Social Justice. I love learning how to incorporate empathy and storytelling into my teachings, utilizing art and performance in my lessons, and reflecting on lesson material and the impact of context on historical and cultural works. I am a music lover, a self-certified philosopher, a ditzy dreamer, and a storyteller. I'm very happy to be back at my alma mater supporting the Montessori dream, surrounded by my mentors and friends.


Monsoon Studio

I have been lucky to grow with Community Montessori since 2005. It's with joy that I get to play with the Island learners. I graduated from IU with a degree in Elementary Education and knew I wanted to share my love of land, travel, and culture with learners in the way that CM encourages. I am currently completing my Secondary Montessori certification.  When I'm not here, you'll find me trying to make my way on a plane for anywhere, running, or experimenting in the kitchen.


Typhoon Studio

I was welcomed into the CM family in 2006. I am licensed in elementary ed and middle school math, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Experiential Education from Prescott College in Arizona. I try to combine my passions for education and the outdoors whenever possible, and jump at every opportunity to broaden my horizons through travel. I enjoy “wringing it out,” whether running long distance trail races, climbing mountains, paddling rivers, or finding some other way to play in the dirt and learn new things. I have two magical children, Maggie and Ben, who are lifelong CM learners and the best camping partners ever.


CM Staff-7070.jpg


Typhoon Studio

I joined the Community Montessori Team in 2020. I live in Louisville, and for the past few years have been working in Leadership Development work for teens across around the world. I graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Anthropology, with minors in Physics and Social Change. I love learning how to create aha moments for learners, utilizing movement and creativity in my lessons, and connecting content with real world challenges of justice and peace. I am a yoga teacher, a dog lover, a goofball, and a human bean. I love riding my bike and playing outside. 



Developmental Specialist

I began my journey with Montessori in 2013 as a co-teacher is Monsoon. Since then, I have supported as an advisor and developmental specialist, and I have helped facilitate the greenhouse and gardening in the Islands. I have a background in philosophy and psychology, and I am very interested in group projects and game based learning. Above all, it has been a pleasure to have my own kids, Parker and Milo, in the community and to grow along with them over the years. 


Developmental Specialist Director

I have been a staff member since 2008. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music, an Elementary Teaching Certification and a K-12 Special Education Teaching Certification. I have three children: Noah, Emma and Ella. I truly enjoy watching the process that children go through to learn a concept. Being a part of that process is exhilarating. Every learner has the potential for success. I am truly passionate about helping children who learn differently. I want ALL children to feel important, intelligent and loved.




Developmental Specialist

My background is in music education, and currently finishing my Doctorate in trumpet performance at the Indiana University.  I have a Masters in Jazz Studies and a BA in Music Education. I was formerly the trumpet teacher at Reinhardt University and the Visiting Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Director of Jazz Studies at  SUNY Potsdam.  Working with learners and aiding them in their growth is a true passion of mine.  As a parent of a learner here at Community Montessori, I could not be more pleased with her development and growth.  


THE WOODS (14-18)


Oak Studio

My relationship with CM began in 2013, when my eldest became a learner in Trapezoid Studio. I was excited by my observations of CM’s approach to education and, after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, had the opportunity to became an advisor in the Teens Program. Being at Community Montessori speaks to my enthusiasm for learning and for being a meaningful part of young people’s education. That the school encourages learners to develop their own challenges and to seek and evaluate their own solutions means it encourages the scientist in everyone. It’s exciting to be a part of that!



Oak Studio

I joined Community Montessori in September of 2015 and spent my first two years learning and experiencing Montessori philosophy in Amethyst Studio.  I have been in Monsoon studio since 2017 and have loved every minute of it! I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor's degree in History.  I was inspired to teach by my 6th grade teacher who showed me that learning didn't have to be a chore and, strangely enough, could actually be fun!  My wife and I welcomed our son into the world in October of 2018 and we look forward to exploring our world with him!



Cypress Studio

I’m  Whitney, around here, I’m known as  “Franklin”!  I love reading, music, traveling, family/friend time and learning about  cultures.  I graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Pan African Studies and a M.Div from LPTS. I have taught with the CDF Freedom Schools program and as a Special Ed. educator  in Louisville, KY.  It is my mission to be the best educator I can be and an even better learner on this journey known as life. Everyday, I walk into CM 100% excited about what the learners will teach me daily! 


Cypress Studio

I was raised in Corydon, Indiana. I have been a teacher at Community Montessori since the fall of 2015, and I am extremely happy to be here. I began here at CM after I earned my bachelor's degree in Political Science from Indiana University Southeast. I chose to work at Community Montessori because I value safeguarding the well-being and dignity of learners in their pursuit of academic enrichment. My personal interests are politics, social sciences and fitness.



Sequoia Studio

I have been a part of the Community Montessori family since 2009. I have training in Montessori Algebra for the Adolescent and am licensed in Mathematics, Biology, and some other areas. One of the things I enjoy most about working in our teens program is being able to support and get to know learners throughout their four years in the Woods. My two children, Bryan and Josephine are also a part of our community here, and we are very blessed by it.



Sequoia Studio

Serendipity led me to Community Montessori in 2005 after I graduated from IUS with a bachelor's in English and minors in philosophy and history. I earned my teaching license from Indiana Wesleyan in 2007 and my Orientation to Adolescent Studies certificate from NAMTA in 2010. In my tenure, I've enjoyed the privilege of helping to build the Teens Program one studio at a time until we reached capacity in 2010-11 and graduated our very first class.


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Sycamore Studio

I am joining the CM family with my three sons and excited to help all learners open up their worlds to new perspectives and adventures. I received my BA in Political Science from Clemson University, two Masters degrees from Louisville Seminary, and a PhD in History, Theology, and Ethics with a focus in 19th Century American History from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. When I am not at school I enjoy reading, scuba diving, live music, and basically anything in the outdoors. I am generally a laid-back peacenik practicing a vegetarian diet and loving kindness.



Sycamore Studio

I joined the CM family in 2008 with my two daughters, Harli and Lexi. After attending a Montessori school myself, I am devoted to providing that same educational experience to my own children and others. Initially receiving a BA in History, I then attended graduate school at UNCC to earn my teaching certifications in Historical Perspectives, Psychology, Sociology, Government and Citizenship, Economics, Geographical Perspectives and Language Arts. In my free time, I lead two Girl Scout troops and volunteer with my girls to help make the world a better place. I would describe myself as a peaceful, passionate, pay it forward vegetarian.



Developmental Specialist

I have been employed as a staff member at Community Montessori since 2008. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Louisville. I enjoy the challenges of supporting problem solving pursuits of teens as they transition to life as independent adults. I also enjoy collaborating and sharing ideas with the awesome staff at Community Montessori. My interests include reading, hiking, and spending time on the beach with my family.



Developmental Specialist Director

I have been a staff member since 2008. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music, an Elementary Teaching Certification and a K-12 Special Education Teaching Certification. I have three children: Noah, Emma and Ella. I truly enjoy watching the process that children go through to learn a concept. Being a part of that process is exhilarating. Every learner has the potential for success. I am truly passionate about helping children who learn differently. I want ALL children to feel important, intelligent and loved.



Developmental Specialist

I have a Bachelor's in Intercultural Studies. After graduating I spent time teaching English abroad before I eventually came back home to Louisville. I have worked in specialty coffee for the past seven years, where I discovered my passion for serving and working alongside people. Hospitality is a vital part of my career and overall philosophy of life. These values align closely with what I love about Montessori philosophy: inclusivity and respectfulness to all humans.





Teen Transition Coordinator

I joined Community Montessori in 2019. Previously, I worked as a Real Estate Agent, Content Writer for a fashion website, and Theatre Teacher/Director. I have a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing from Western Kentucky University. I have traveled all over Europe and even lived in Ireland for a short amount of time. I am an active member of the Louisville and Southern Indiana theatre community and enjoy painting in my free time. I spend most of my days creating and adventuring with my significant other (Patrick), our two cats (Voldemort and Rey), and our dog (Ella).


Teen Studio Support Coordinator

I walked off of the Quad at Hanover College in Spring of 2008, right into the doors of CM that fall with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts and Secondary Education Certification. Later, I became certified in Language Arts and went back to Ball State University for my Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Educational Technologies. During my summers I galavant through Europe with CM teens for a little adventure. When I'm not at school you can find me making art, sitting on the porch with my pup, Laney, or drinking coffee at Quills.



Courage Coordinator

I have been at Community Montessori since 2010 and have enjoyed developing the teens theatre/choral programs. I earned my degree in Musical Theatre Performance from Ball State University in 2000, and obtained my Language Arts teaching license in 2010. My greatest accomplishments in life are my three sons, the B Boys, who are also proud Montessorians. My husband Jason and I spend our days chasing the boys and frolicking with our three tiny doggies, Beatrice, Bonnie, and Bellatrix. It is a joy to be at Community Montessori, and I am honored to learn from the teens I support.


Photo Credit:  Jana Davis & Kris Warning