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Early May Happenings!

So much has been happening in April and May, we thought we would share some of the highlights:

In late April, the Pergola in the Back 4 Acres behind the school was completed by the "Building Group" of the Islands 12-14 year old learners. This was another of the projects completed as a part of the Great Exhibitions. Our whole school will use this for many years to come. Thank you Islands!

A new tree was planted in the Early Education playground. The tree is a Deborah Norway Maple. The leaves come out almost black then turn green. In the fall the large leaves will turn golden before falling. A big thank you to everyone that made the this planting possible including Faith Stout, Allen Franz, Emily Ross, and Ben Traughber, along with the Islands teens who volunteered to plant the (very heavy) tree and planning for daily watering.

Finally, here is a preview trailer for Mulan, Jr, which is being performed by 9-12 year old learners as a part of the Gemstones' Exhibitions tonight and tomorrow night at 6pm.

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