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At Community Montessori we ask that each of our families contribute 10 hours of involvement each year, in some way. When our children see us involved in school activities, it reinforces to them the value we place on education, and our involvement. In turn it strengthens the home/school connection, increases communication between staff and families, and enriches a childís learning experience in a multitude of ways.

Whether in the classroom or more behind the scenes, opportunities abound for you to participate in. And we not only want parental participation but welcome extended family and friends, as well. Donít forget to log your hours!

The following links are provided to help keep you connected and informed about what's happening at Community Montessori.

Amazon Family Store

Studio Rosters

Parent Involvement Partnership

Work @ Home

Work @ Home Teen Dialogue

Teen Connection

Websites Links to support Overall Learning, Instruction and Work at Home Ideas

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